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The Heart Line

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Peter Bowen seems to know exactly where he is headed: up the corporate ladder of Preeny, a New York consulting firm, and to the altar with his long-term girlfriend. Kay Manning, less enamored by her job at Preeny, and processing a recent break up, has vowed to stay single and is considering her options: return to LA or stay in NYC.


In their midtwenties, grappling with their identities and the responsibilities of adulthood, they begin to wonder if their expectations of life and love have misled them. The everyday feels a bit empty, until they meet at work for the first time and, caught off guard by their unmistakable attraction, their fantasies of each other set in motion an unexpected transformation.


The Heart Line is a story of the influences that shape us, the excitement of romance, and the power of the city and people to change us.

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